Train Like A Mother

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Welcome to Train Like A Mother!

This module is designed to help you find the workouts that are best suited to your stage of motherhood. Each segment has workouts specific for Pregnancy – Newly Postpartum – Beyond and will guide you through strategies and fun engaging workouts to help you feel your best, reduce risk of symptoms such as leaking, pelvic organ prolapse and pain.

There will be new workouts added often, and you are always welcome to revisit your favourites at any time, regardless of the stage you are currently in.

Remember: you are ultimately in control of making choices for your body. The coaching and suggestions you find in these workouts and in the club are merely that. Each of us has a unique motherhood experience (physically & emotionally) and it’s up to YOU to respect that and take the suggestions you find here as guidelines with room for interpretation, perception and common sense.

As always – I’m here to support, give advice and do everything I can to help you experience MOTHERHOOD WITHOUT LIMITS!

Empowerfit | All Rights Reserved | Disclaimer: This handout is for informational purposes only.

It shall not be construed as medical advice.

Always check with your physician before trying or implementing any information read here. Empowerfit is not liable for damages of any kind related to your use of the handout or any information contained or discussed therein.

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