Welcome To The M(OM)Power Program


never compare your journey with others.  Your path is unique. Own it and make the best of it…”

Your journey into the 10 week M(om)Power Postpartum Fitness program has begun, and isn’t it freaking exciting??!!! 

Today you begin a fitness & wellness program designed for  moms (no matter the stage of life you are currently in), that will help you Reconnect to your body after babies, Restore confidence and ability to be active while reducing risk of symptoms and injury & Rebuild strength, stability & mobility to help you feel and look amazing.

It’s important to always remember that this body is yours, the story created by this body is yours and this program will have different results for everyone.  You willingness to commit to every aspect of the program will affect the results.  Remember that each one of us is starting somewhere different and we cannot compare our outcomes to anyone else.

Embrace the challenges, throw your hands up and do a little dance at every win and know that this program is something you deserve.  Kick some butt mama 🙂